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Bioperversity Warning Helix Everyone knows a few Mad Scientists. They're all fun and good, but wouldn't you rather go a step or two further?

Ok, so maybe a step or two further is a really scary idea. But as Lord Byron was described, some people are just Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know. We're bringing Mad Science in out of the cold secret bases and castle workshops into the modern mad party scene.

Get Down, Get Funky, and bring your lab assistant Flunky.

DISCLAIMER: Everything that you read on this website WILL KILL YOU. In accessing this site, you acknowledge that building any device described here, performing any experiments we explain, buying our merchandise, and/or taking any of our advice at all will lead to:
  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Disfigurement
  • Arrest
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Body Odor
  • Insanity
  • Shame and Public Humiliation
  • Indictment for War Crimes
  • Terrible, Unspeakable things from beyond the Stars
We take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damages, injuries, or criminal charges incurred as a result of using this website. You have been warned! Failure to heed these warnings is Doom! DOOOOM!!

Have fun!

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Informational Content

Our informational resource pages!

Mad Science!
Killer Leptons from Outer Space! What happens when you expose Grad Students to extreme doses of radioactive Iodine! How to create Giant Mutant Bunnies! Crossbreeding Porcupines and Crawfish! 10,000 volts and your hair dryer! Space Travel utilizing Giant Slingshots! 120 volt Arc-Pickles! Afterburners for your Cigarette Lighters! Bioperversity and YOU! Fun with Cryogenics!

Bad Science!
When Orgonne Energy Attacks! Hollow Earth! Lethal Gravity Waves! Operant Conditioning gone horribly wrong! And what about those CLAMS!

Dangerous to Know!
Dangerous to Know Science!
What's inside a Nuclear Bomb! Building a backyard Reactor! Key concepts of Ballistic Missile Design! Demolitions Explosives from common household chemicals! Computer Security Secrets that Man was not meant to Know!

Just Too Damn Much Fun!
Just Too Damn Much Fun Science!
Drink Recipies only Mad Scientists can make, or drink! Taking over the World! How not to let the Hero Win! Formalwear for the Mad Scientists Convention!

www.madbadscience.com Lab Accessories & Gear

Our premiere line of labwares, lab clothing, and impliments of doom doom DOOM!
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Bioperversity Helix

Zero Hours Since Last Fatal Lab Accident

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Two Point Designs - Nuclear Weapons Design and more!

T-shirts and others

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The Swan Nuclear Bomb

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Disclaimer: Numerous small animals were accidentally harmed in the creation of this website. And we do want to stress accidentally : we would never hurt anyone on purpose. Several fluffy bunnies fell into and were dissolved in the acid vat. Two porcupines walked into and were incinerated by the plasma torch. A terajoule capacitor discharged through our assistant Leonard "Sparky" Adams resulting in fatal fifth degree burns.

This website is dedicated in their memory, at least until we get the scorch marks cleaned up.

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